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Tamara Press is a publishing house dedicated to obscure and alternative culture. Our new release is Svensk Sensationsfilm written by film scholar Daniel Dellamorte.
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The cover of Svensk Sensationsfilm
Svensk Sensationsfilm
(Tamara Press 2003, ISBN 91-974334-1-1) 144 pages, 315 grams
The Swedish film has a reputation world wide of being very open minded when it comes to sex and nudity. Despite that, many of these films have only had limited distribution in Sweden and not many people have had the opportunity to see them. That is why Tamara Press have decided to release Daniel Dellamorte's in-depth guide to 170+ of the most offensive films ever made in Sweden. The book is richly illustrated, fully indexed, and covers more than 170 films and 50 years of exploitation filmmaking.
The cover of Violent Italy
Violent Italy: Incredible Exploitation Cinema
(Tamara Press 2002, ISBN 91-974334-0-3) 135 pages, 174 grams
From the 60s to the early 80s literally thousands of exploitation films were produced in Italy. During this turbulent era, trends set by big budget blockbusters or fortunate independent films were widely imitated and sometimes generated whole genres. This book is a comprehensive treatment of some of the most neglected yet interesting film genres exploited in Italy, and it aims to give these genres the treatment they deserve.

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